Linux Voice Introduction

Linux Voice Introduction

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

Article from Issue 222/2019

This month in Linux Voice.

In the old days, computer users had to train their brains to think like a computer. A new generation of computer tools is dedicated to organizing and formatting information in a way that is most useful to users. This month, we show you how to collect your thoughts with a pair of useful outline tools: CherryTree and Piggydb. We also continue our series on Bash scripting with a look at test conditions and exit codes, and we show you how to build a 3D model with OpenSCAD.

Ah! What a joy is your first 3D printer … but once you have printed your first benchy, where do you go from there? To building your own pieces, of course!

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