Linux Voice Introduction

Linux Voice Introduction

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

Article from Issue 251/2021

This month in Linux Voice.

You're behind on a big project, you're close to the deadline, and you stay up late, staring at your computer screen. Or maybe it's the middle of the day, and you're staring at your screen because something on the screen is just so darn exciting. Either way, eye strain is the scourge of the modern worker, as we labor through our days online, typing on keyboards and clicking mice. The experts say it is better to look away from your computer screen and focus on something else from time to time to give your eyes a rest. But can you honestly say you heed those wise words of the experts? A free tool called Safe Eyes displays periodic warnings and reminders to protect your eyes during those long dances with your desktop. We help you get started with Safe Eyes in this month's Linux Voice. Also inside, organize your work life with Wekan and customize screen resolutions with xrandr.

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