An advanced clipboard manager

Clipboard Deluxe

Article from Issue 256/2022

CopyQ extends the clipboard with practical everyday functions while also catering to advanced needs.

Regardless of whether you use Linux, macOS, or Windows, the clipboard is one of the most frequently used tools on the desktop. It is a buffer provided by the operating system that temporarily stores, for instance, text snippets which can then be copied and pasted into other applications.

The various desktop environments often have clipboard managers that extend the possibilities of the clipboard. In contrast to the operating system's own clipboard, which resides in RAM and whose contents thus disappear at the next reboot, these small tools help preserve a configurable number of texts beyond a reboot. In KDE Plasma, the corresponding application is known as Klipper, which is loosely derived from the clipboard.

You populate the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, or by selecting something with the mouse and calling the corresponding item from the context menu. Applications such as screenshot tools or password managers also have a menu item for saving recordings or passwords in Klipper.


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