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Article from Issue 258/2022

Manjaro 21.2 Qonos and DragonFly BSD 6.2.1

Manjaro 21.2 Qonos


Sometimes called the Ubuntu of Arch Linux derivatives, Manjaro has made Arch Linux accessible for general users much like Ubuntu did for Debian. While Manjaro has replaced Arch Linux's arcane installation process with an adaptation of the graphical Calamares installer, it does support rolling installations like Arch Linux and bases its repositories on those of Arch Linux. In addition, Manjaro continues the traditions of Arch, initially installing a minimum of applications and emphasizing a user's choice rather than installing a curated array of applications.

Codenamed Qonos, Manjaro 21.2 is a minor release, and its visible changes consist mostly of updates to stock applications. Worth noting, however, are some improvements to the Calamares installer and an increase in speed that has been noted by several reviewers. Also included is the first new Xorg Server for some time, as well as additional driver fixes for the NVIDIA drivers for Kepler video cards. Other new additions include PipeWire, the sound server expected to eventually replace PulseAudio, and System76's new COSMIC Desktop.

If you have ever wondered about Arch Linux but had difficulties with the installation, Manjaro is the ideal solution. With its emphasis on usability, Manjaro is well on its way to becoming a major distribution for beginners and mid-level users with innovations not found in other distributions.

DragonFly BSD 6.2.1

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