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Article from Issue 261/2022

Linux Mint MATE 20.3 and FreeBSD 13.1

Linux Mint MATE 20.3


Linux Mint 20.3, codenamed Una, is the latest long-term support release of this popular Ubuntu derivative, with support until 2025. The MATE edition, the latest development of Linux Mint's fork of Gnome 2, offers an out-of-the-box desktop that is stable, moderately light, and easy to use.

MATE shares many features in common with Cinnamon, Linux Mint's other desktop that is developed in-house. The 20.3 release of both versions introduces Thingy, a document manager, and adds a search function and items to resize text in Sticky Notes. In addition, both offer new themes with larger, rounded titlebars and reduced accent colors, as well as a Dark Mode for some applications. Other shared features include updated printer drivers and right-to-left scroll in the PDF printer for reading manga. Among MATE's unique features are a new look and search function for the Hypnotix IPTV player.

Veteran users will appreciate MATE's classic look, which differs from Gnome 2 mainly in application names and support for the demands of modern computing. New users will find MATE a self-explanatory desktop to which they can quickly become accustomed.

FreeBSD 13.1

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