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Article from Issue 223/2019

FreeBSD 12.0 and Ubuntu MATE 18.10


On the DVD

FreeBSD 12.0

BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) is a Unix-like operating system that has been in active development for more than 40 years. Today, several companies and community projects develop different versions of the BSD codebase. FreeBSD, a leading BSD alternative that has been around since 1993, is known for stability and security. FreeBSD is most frequently used as a server system. The system boots to a text-based user interface, but standard open source desktops are available through package repositories. (See the article on FreeBSD elsewhere in this issue.)

Ubuntu MATE 18.10

The MATE desktop began as a fork of Gnome 2 developed for users who didn't like the changes brought in with the Gnome 3 shell. MATE is a now a practical and easy-to-use desktop that competes with Gnome, KDE, Xfce, and other modern equivalents. Ubuntu MATE combines the MATE desktop with the latest version of Ubuntu for a powerful yet uncomplicated user experience.

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