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One of the best things about the KDE Plasma desktop is that, while it's a great experience in its own right, it's also a brilliant desktop construction set. This means you can customize and augment the default experience in almost limitless ways, using either the in-built settings provided by KDE or by creating your own scripts to add more programmatic functionality. This is best seen in the variety of scripts that change the window's arrangement behavior. We've covered a couple before, including KWin Tiling (to turn the desktop into a tiling window manager with its own rules) and Kröhnkite (which performs a similar role with dynamic layouts). Exquisite is another one, developed to mimic the good bits of Windows 11 window management. It's a great option for users who may want to experiment with different styles of windows management but may lack the confidence to go all-in on something that requires complicated keyboard shortcuts.

Exquisite is installed via either the Get New Scripts button in the KWin Scripts configuration panel or by importing the tar archive manually. It's triggered by pressing a specific keyboard shortcut that can be reconfigured from KDE's global shortcuts panel and defaults to Ctrl+Alt+D. What makes Exquisite a good introduction to window management is that pressing this combination will show a pop-up of various layouts, and you can choose a location on one of these to move the currently selected window to. There are 10 layouts to choose between, and they can all be modified, and even created with simple scripts, to better suit your needs and screen layouts. The panel stays on the screen and easily lets you choose other windows to move, and it can be configured to hide itself when the screen is full or after a period of time. It's a great way to get into tiling and much easier to use than remembering many keyboard shortcuts.

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Exquisite, an easy-to-use window arranger for KDE Plasma desktops, is a great introduction to tiling in general.

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