Linux Voice Introduction

Linux Voice Introduction

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

Article from Issue 278/2024

This month in Linux Voice and Elvie.

Phones? Computers? Calendars? Music devices? Wasn't everything supposed to converge? At least that was the dream 10 years ago. Fast forward to today, and a lot of modern utilities are ending up as apps on your cellphone, but computers are still on the outside looking in. Or are they? This month we take a look at Waydroid, a tool that lets you run Android apps on your Linux system. If  you have Android apps that are working well for you, why not keep them handy on your Linux desktop? Also in this month's issue, we show you how to contend with files compressed in the not-free RAR format.


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