Article from Issue 281/2024

In the news: Fedora Unleashes Atomic Desktops; Bootloader Vulnerability Affects Nearly All Linux Distributions; Microsoft Says VS Code Will Work with Ubuntu 18.04; Purism Crowdfunding Launched; Docker Build Cloud Helps Speed Up Build Time; MX Linux 23.2 "Libretto" Released; MX Linux 23.2 "Libretto" Released; and Linux Mint 21.3 – with Extra Cinnamon – Available for Download.

Fedora Unleashes Atomic Desktops

With Silverblue continuing to rise in popularity, Fedora saw that the rpm- had become a viable option. For those who don't know, rpm-ostree is a hybrid image/package system that bundles all of the necessary components for a system configuration into a single commit that can be deployed across numerous devices.

Atomic desktops solve a problem that will most likely become an issue in the future, as more spins arrive. Currently, Fedora Atomic Desktops is comprised of four atomic spins: Fedora Silverblue, Fedora Kinoite, Fedora Sway Atomic, and Fedora Budgie Atomic.

The problem is, as more and more spins come into being, it becomes more challenging to include other desktops without introducing more complexities and confusion.


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