64-Bit Slackware Officially Released

May 21, 2009

64-bit versions of one of the earliest Linux distros were previously available only from the Bluewhite64 or Slamd64 projects. Now Slackware Linux has finally come out with its own native version.

As Slackware creator Patrick Volkerding announced on the company homepage, most of his team have already been using the 64-bit version for quite some time without any noticeable problems. Now he's made the x86_64 port available to a larger audience. The 64-bit packages are in the slackware64-current repository, and DVDs will be available when Slackware 13.0 is released.

Volkerding thanked his team, and Eric Hameleers in particular, for the test effort. He also gave appreciation to the "unofficial 64-bit projects for taking up the slack for us for so long so that we could take our time getting everything just right."

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