Anjal - Evolution Front-end for Netbook

Mar 20, 2009

Evolution maintainer Srinivasa Ragavan has published the first pieces of information and screenshots of the new Evolution Front-end Anjal in his blog.

Anjal's composer window.

Anjal means email in Tamil. The program should be as simple as the name: an easy to use and clearly laid out front-end for evolution. To this end, the Indian Novell developers have stored the basic features of Evolution in libraries; Anjal acts quasi as a front-end.

According to Ragavan's Blog, the tool should use WebKit for display, and although the project is still in its infancy, it will soon offer many features, including tabs, thread support, and multi-account support. Judging by the screenshots, the graphical interface is optimized for 1024 x 600 pixels.

Interested readers can find the first 20 days of old code in the Git repository at: git: / / / anjal

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  • depends on GNOME

    It still needs the evolution database-server so it still has many GNOME dependencies.
  • XFCE Email Client? ;-)

    XFCE Email Client? blunk
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