Asus Kickoff: Eee Keyboard with PC

Jan 22, 2009

Asus introduced a PC-in-keyboard model at the CeBIT 2009 show in Munich. The device, with its five-inch side-mounted touchscreen, targets home theater users.

Combined with a TV or monitor the Eee Keyboard can be a multimedia player, provided it can communicate via ultrawide HDMI or wireless. The device also includes a speaker and mic.

Asus considers the Keyboard a novelty and in a new device class, with the multimedia setup fitting into the Touch Based Computing market. The Keyboard is still in its test phase and Asus declines to offer specs or a price; they didn't have a model handy at the show. Perhaps the summer, end of Q2, they say. Its first release phase will come with Windows XP Home. According to product manager Jörg Wissing, a Linux version is possible, considering that other Eee PC models already have Linux on board.

Sofa adjunct: Asus Keyboard with integrated PC and small side display.

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