BPython 0.9.6: Python Command Line at Ease

Dec 31, 2009

BPython is an interactive Python command line interface with its own comfort functions. The program is now available in version 0.9.6.

The software is applicable for UNIX-like operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X. BPython itself is implemented in Python and Curses. It provides syntax highlighting and configurable color schemes as well as command completion. The tool even suggests function parameters.

Entered code can be stored in a file or sent to a pastebin on the Web that can be specified in this newest version. Developers also fixed a number of bugs for BPython 0.9.6 and made it conform with the PEP-8 standard.

BPython is under MIT license and the source code is ready for download from the project homepage, which also includes screenshots and a screencast that shows how the software is used.

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  • BPython ? bpython !

    Hey, thanks for the post - always appreciated. Though I must correct you - it's "bpython", not "BPython". happy
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