BSDanywhere 4.6: Live-CD with Desktop Lite

Nov 06, 2009

BSDanywhere, a Live-CD based on OpenBSD, is now available in version 4.6.

With the update, the BSD variation utilizes the changes at OpenBSD, like for example, the expansion hardware support. BSDanywhere developers have removed the desktop environment 17 from the upstream distribution and replaced it with the resource-saving IceWM. An individual theme, wallpapers and artwork are also included.

The rest of the space on the Live-CD has been used by developers to include the XMMS media player, the chat program IRSSI, the text-mode mailer Mutt and the XFE file manager. Also on the CD is the terminal server client OpenNX. DDB, the online debugger for the BSD kernel can now be accessed with the shortcut [Strg]+[Alt]+[Esc].

BSDanywhere images for i386 and AM64 can be downloaded from the project homepage. The project can be supported by the purchase of official CD sets of the upstream operating system OpenBSD.

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