MilaX 0.5: OpenSolaris as Live-CD

Feb 16, 2010

MilaX, a Live distribution of OpenSolaris, is available in version 0.5 with new software.

Among the new features in MilaX 0.5 is JWM as window manager and the Conky system monitor. The Web browser is Midori and Webkit is the engine.

MilaX 0.5 is based on OpenSolaris b128a as of February 15, 2010. The distro starts from a CD, USB flash drives, various memory cards and Zip drives. The computer should have 128 MBytes RAM for command line mode and at least 256 MBytes for the X desktop.

Further details are on the MilaX homepage. Downloads of the LiveCD and LiveUSB (around 100 MBytes each) are available, currently for x86 and SPARC platforms. The operating system core is under Sun's CDDL open source license.

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