CeBIT Call for Papers

Nov 11, 2013

One of CeBITs most successful forums opens the new year with a new name. The popular Open Source Forum continues in 2014 under the name Special Conference: Open Source. This year, the forum will be bigger and offer a wider range of possibilities for sponsors.

CeBIT 2014 takes place in Hannover, Germany, from March 10 to 14, 2014. Organized by Medialinx AG (formerly Linux New Media AG), Special Conference: Open Source will feature a comprehensive daily program, illuminating all aspects of Linux, open source, and free software.

The call for papers is aimed at practitioners, developers, and strategists from the open source, business, and government communities. Issues of specific interest are cloud computing andvirtualization, security and privacy, automation and configuration management, and anything about drivers, kernels, and ARMarchitecture; the focus is on topics that build on the CeBIT 2014 theme, “Datability.”

To submit your presentation for CeBIT Special Conference Open Source, please complete the application form or send a short description of your proposal with your name and a telephone number for potential questions to Presentations should be either 30 or 45 minutes long (including a short Q&A session) in either English or German. The entire program will be streamed live on Linux Magazine Online and archived afterward for freeaccess.

The deadline is Monday, January 6,2014. Presentation slots are allocated by an international jury of open source experts, with a small number of slots reserved for sponsors. Please contact Petra Jaser if you are interested.

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