Fedora-Based Ultramarine Linux Designed for Ease of Use

Jun 14, 2023

With four different desktop versions available to install, Ultramarine Linux 38 gets a boost from System76 and a new kernel.

Ultramarine Linux 38 is based on Fedora 38 and is offered with either the Budgie, KDE Plasma, Gnome, or Pantheon desktop environments. This latest release adds something special to improve performance.

That boost comes in the form of the System76 CPU schedule that prioritizes processes. The one caveat to this is that only the Gnome version automatically detects an application in use. However, all four editions do include various tweaks to the system to ensure users get as smooth an experience as possible. This includes improved startup and shutdown times.

As well, Ultramarine includes the latest versions of the included software. You'll find Flatpak supported by default and there are even non-free software titles that can be installed.

Pre-installed software includes Firefox, LibreOffice, Clapper audio/video player, the basic Gnome apps (Software, Weather, Files, Maps), and plenty of utilities to get you by. Thanks to Flatpak support, you can easily install third-party, proprietary software such as Spotify and Slack.

The big appeal to Ultramarine Linux is its performance. All of the tweaks the developers have done make a big difference, and Ultramarine Linux outperforms a lot of similar Linux desktop distributions. The second you start using it, you'll notice the speed.

Download an ISO now or you can migrate Fedora to Ultramarine Linux with the help of a script you can download with the command wget https://ultramarine-linux.org/migrate.sh. Give the command executable permissions with chmod u+x migrate.sh and then run the script with sudo ./migrate.sh.


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