HOP 2.0.0 Multimedia Web SDK

Jan 19, 2010

HOP, an open source framework for GUI-intensive Web applications, is now available in version 2.0.0.

Central to the HOP online GUI toolkit is a compiler that translates HOP's own schema dialect in server code along with HTML and JavaScript for the browser, for programming Web apps with high abstraction layers. A few lines of code magically provide windows, editors, and further widgets on the webpage (see the demo). HOP also brings along a webserver.
For the new version 2.0.0, the developers at the INRI research institute in France updated the compiler and thereby improved performance and debugging. New GUI elements for audio and video were also added.
HOP is under GLPv2 in two versions, a native version for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X, and a Java version that runs wherever JVM is present. Downloads of both versions are available from the HOP project page.

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