Hadoop Studio 1.2.0 for NetBeans IDE

Apr 12, 2010

The extension for the NetBeans IDE serves to develop and manage jobs for Apache Hadoop.

The Hadoop Studio in its community edition is the first (and only) currently available product from Karmasphere Inc. out of Los Gatos CA. Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop release 1.2.0 provides the Apache Hadoop open source framework for all platforms and supports Hadoop Streaming. Next to fixing bugs, Karmasphere provides comprehensive documentation and use cases.

Studio for Hadoop 1.2.0 requires Sun's JDK in version 1.6 as of update 16 as well as the NetBeans IDE as of version 6.7. The installation guide provides further details.

The IDE extension allows "developing, deploying and debugging." It allows users to MapReduce jobs locally without having to install a Hadoop cluster. It also provides through-the-firewall support for Hadoop and Amazon Elastic MapReduce cluster monitoring. Studio for Hadoop supports local filesystems and Hadoop's own HDFS.

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    I had downloaded Netbeans IDE 6.9 and i had installed the karmasphere plugin for hadoop and is working fine..
    Is the hive plugin for hadoop is available??? please clarify..

    Right now i deadly in need of a tutorial or any kind of guidance to develop a multitenant web application using Netbeans..

    Please give me any suggestions and help me out in this issue..

    Thanx in advance...
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    Hi,right now i've started designing the project which is designing a Multi-tenant data analytical application as a Web service to support data analysis over large databases which eventually follows a map reduce model.
    I've decided to chose Netbeans IDE 6.8 or 6.9.1 for developing my application..

    I need to download plugins for karmasphere studio for hadoop and hive for my project..
    But Not able to download the plugin even from www.netbeans.org..

    Will Netbeans supports in developing a multitenant web application?
    Is any solution for ths issue..
    Please give me any suggestion regarding this issue..

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