Linux Mint 21.3 – with Extra Cinnamon – Available for Download

Jan 17, 2024

Linux Mint 21.3 has arrived for general usage and includes Cinnamon 6.0 and new goodies all around.

Let the "huzzahs" ring out, the latest version of Linux Mint has arrived. This Long Term Support release includes the usual round of updated applications, including the Hypnotix TV viewer, which adds a favorites feature, custom channels, and better yt-dlp integration (a fork of youtube-dl).

Other apps to see added features include Warpinator, which now allows you to connect to devices via IP address.

At the top of the menu for this new release, however, is Cinnamon 6.0. This new version of the desktop environment adds a new feature called Spices, which are add-ons to expand the feature set of the default file manager (Nemo).

Version 21.3 also includes experimental support for Wayland. Unfortunately, the developer team isn't anticipating the replacement of the Xorg session soon but at least we're seeing progress.

Other goodies include Flatpak support rolled into the app store GUI, kernel 5.15, the ability to choose which monitor on which notifications will appear, and the latest version of Firefox installed as a deb (and not a snap package).

System requirements for Linux Mint haven't changed (recommended – 4GB RAM, 100 GB storage, and 1024 x 768 resolution).

You can download a fresh ISO of the OS from the official download site, and read the official release notes in the official Linux Mint Blog.


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