Mozilla Releases Sunbird and Lightning Updates

Apr 07, 2008

Mozilla has just released new versions of its calendar programs Sunbird and Lightning. Version 0.8 sees both programs approaching the first final release.

While Lightning is designed as an add-on for the Thunderbird mail application, Sunbird is a stand-alone calendar application. The changelog for Lightning includes various new features, including a task preview that gives users a quick overview of outstanding tasks. An event list shows coming events and includes an event search function. The developers say that remote access to calendars is still experimental. Lightning now requires Thunderbird version 2.0; users with Thunderbird 1.5.0.x will be unable to install the updated add-on.

Sunbird includes similar new features to Lightning, such as an alarm system for appointments and events. The calendar now has improved time zone handling, and understands time zone definitions in ".ics" files. The programs for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X can be downloaded here.

The release notes do not reveal anything new in the line of groupware functionality, which most professional users rely on.

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