OpenMandriva Lx 23.03 Rolling Release Now Available

Mar 29, 2023

OpenMandriva "ROME" is the latest point update for the rolling release Linux distribution and offers the latest updates for a number of important applications and tools.

OpenMandriva Lx 23.03 comes just three months after the release of the .01 version of the open source operating system and brings with it some important updates. This also marks the first time OpenMandriva has offered a rolling release version of the operating system.

According to the OpenMandriva team, "OpenMandriva Lx is a unique and independent, not based on any other, Linux distribution. A direct descendant of Mandriva Linux and the first Linux distribution utilizing the LLVM compiler. This release keeps using the entire LLVM toolchain which completes the work that began in 2015, even before Android switched its compilers."

"ROME" ships with kernel 6.2, KDE Plasma 5.27, KDE Frameworks 5.104, KDE Gear 22.12.3, built-in support for Flatpak, Mesa 23, Wayland 1.21.0, XOg 21.1.7, LLVM/Clang 15.0.7, GNU Binutils 2.40, GCC 12.2, GNU C Library 2.37, systemd 235, and the latest version of the Calamares GUI installer (version 3.2.61).

As far as bundled software, you'll find LibreOffice 7.5.1, Firefox 111, Chromium 110, GIMP 2.10.34, Calligra Suite 3.2.1, SMPlayer 22.7.0, VLC 3.0.18, VirtualBox 7.0.6, and plenty of other applications to keep you productive, connected, and entertained.

You can find the download link for the ISO of "ROME" on the OpenMandriva website and read the full release announcement on the OpenMandriva ROME page.


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