PostgreSQL 9.2 Released

Sep 13, 2012

Features include linear scalability and reduced CPU power consumption.

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has announced PostgreSQL 9.2. According to the announcement, this version, which features the addition of linear scalability to 64 cores, index-only scans, and reductions in CPU power consumption, has significantly improved scalability and developer flexibility.

PostgreSQL 9.2 ships with native JSON support. Additionally, the company states that “improvements in vertical scalability increase PostgreSQL’s ability to efficiently utilize hardware resources on larger servers.” Other improvements – in lock management, write efficiency, index-only access, and other low-level operations – allow PostgreSQL to handle even larger workloads.

In a separate announcement, PostgreSQL Europe has published the schedule for PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012. According to the announcement, Joe Celko will deliver the opening keynote. Celko, database expert and best-selling author, will “look into the way the industry first developed SQL, and what we will do next in the world of databases.”

Other conference topics this year will include performance tuning, replication and scalability, cloud deployments, management of non-traditional data including geospatial information and ranges, and integration. The conference will take place October 23-26 at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague, The Czech Republic. More details are available from the conference website.

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