Raspberry Pi Becomes a Thin Client

Dec 16, 2015

Citrix gets excited about new Pi-Powered XenDesktop client system

According to a blog post at the Citrix website, the Raspberry Pi 2 is gaining a new role as a thin client for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. According to developer Allen Furmanski, Citrix has been looking for a way to integrate the Rasp Pi as a VDI receiver system for some time.

Citrix focuses on desktop delivery and prefers to work with third-party vendors for client hardware. In this case, Furmanski points to a Pi-powered thin client system by the vendor ThinLinx. ThinLinx markets a Pi-powered thin client receiver system, running ThinLinx Operating System (TLXOS) that interfaces with the XenDesktop VDI environment using the Citrix HDX protocol.

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