OpenThinClient 0.4.5 Supports Touchscreens

Oct 27, 2009

OpenThinClient, a Linux-based thinclient solution is available in version 0.4.5. The numerous enhancements to the open source suite include support for touchscreens.

New openThinClient features include power management for the attached monitor. Also, the Nautilus data browser in the GNOME desktop environment also grab server message block (SMB) shares, and desktop background images are now configurable.

Add to that: even though openThinClient is primarily intended for diskless service, the software can also boot off local media. Also, support for the Citrix Receiver 11 ICA client for the XenApp and Xen desktop, VMware View Open Client 4 and the original IBM iSeries Access 5250 emulator.

OpenThinClient is based on the Ubuntu Linux distro and includes components under different licenses. The core server and management software is under GPLv2. The software runs on a variety of thinclient hardware with x86 processors and at least 128 MBytes RAM that supports PXE booting over the network. The graphics chips also have to work with

The server side is implemented in Java and operable under Windows. Further details and free software download are available on the openThinClient homepage.

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