Red Hat Lures Developers with Free RHEL and Container Development Kits

Apr 05, 2016

Developers can use RHEL as a development platform without a subscription fee.

Red Hat has announced the availability of a no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscription as part of its Red Hat Developer Program. Unlike the regular RHEL, this new subscription is a self-supported, non-production developer option. According to Red Hat, the software is the same as what you get with the paid version - only the license is different.
Developers who are targeting RHEL as a platform to deploy their apps can now use the same platform to build and develop those apps. In the past, developers had to either buy a RHEL subscription or use Fedora or CentOS as a development platform.
Developers who are building cloud-native applications or microservices also gain access to Red Hat's Container Development Kit (CDK), a curated collection of container development tools and resources.
One doesn't have to be a certified developer to enroll in the program. Anyone can register on the site and download the suite for free.

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