Virtualbox 1.5.0 with Seamless Mode

Sep 03, 2007

Version 1.5.0 of the free virtual machine Virtualbox has just been released.

One of the new features the release includes is a seamless window mode for Windows as a guest system, removing obstacles to interaction between applications. Virtualbox now also supports virtual serial ports, 64 bit Windows systems and guest additions for OS/2 Warp.

Vendor Innotek has also put a great deal of effort into optimizing the performance of the Virtual Remote Desktop (or VRDP for short). Windows graphics drivers now include Direct Draw support. On Linux, Virtualbox now supports version 1.3 meaning that state-of-art systems such as Fedora 7 and Ubuntu Gutsy will run without any trouble on the virtualizer. The changelog has a full list of changes.

As usual, two versions are available for downloading: a commercial version, which is free for private use, and a GPL'd variant.

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