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Automatically view song lyrics as you listen

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – Lyrics-in-terminal free

Play along with ChordPro

LINUX VOICE: A Troubadour's Life free


A New Music Player in Debian 10


Transitioning from Amarok to Clementine in Debian 10 is relatively painless, thanks to Clementine's straightforward interface and improved features.

Exploring the Sayonara audio player

REVIEWS: Easy Listening free

Freeing Your Music Player with Rock

IN-DEPTH: Musical Freedom free

Freeing Your Music Player with Rockbox

Musical Freedom


Turn your music player into open hardware with Rockbox’s free firmware.

Ogg Vorbis utilities

IN-DEPTH: Command Line – Ogg Vorbis free

Online Jukebox

LINUX VOICE: MPD and Cantata free


LINUX VOICE: String Theory – Fast guitar training for classical music free

Playing and editing audio-visual from the command line

IN-DEPTH: Melt free