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Indoor navigation with machine learning

IN-DEPTH: Hide & Seek free

GPS , HPC , Tools


An alternative search tool for LibreOffice Writer


AltSearch offers extended functionality to LibreOffice Write's default find and replace tools, making it the ideal for editing and formatting longer documents.

Automate your web logins

NEWS: Log In and Go free

An introduction to electronic weighing

IN-DEPTH: Weighing In free

Create screencasts with menyoki

LINUX VOICE: Moving Pictures free

Freehand writing and drawing

IN-DEPTH: Virtual Whiteboard free

Home Assistant makes the Raspberry Pi fit for the Z-Wave world

KNOW-HOW: Home Automaton free

A Survey of Init Systems

Init Alternatives


While most distros ship with systemd, init alternatives exist. Here are a few of the leading init systems available for Linux.

Working with the JSON data format

IN-DEPTH: Data Dog free

Create GUI dialogs in one line of code

NEWS: Finding a Little Zen free

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