• Digital Incubator

    Apache incubates hundreds of major software projects and brings together thousands of developers – all without ensuing chaos. How do they manage it?

  • Lockdown

    We provide some important but often overlooked tips for securing your Android tablet.

  • Cross-Examination

    People applying for IT jobs should brace themselves for the popular interview question about the sticky bit in Unix operating systems. It certainly pays to know.

  • Ask Klaus

    Klaus addresses problems with Wheezy updates, Adobe Flash, dial-up settings, and mountpoint dates.

News and Articles

  • Firefox Finally Gets Tracking Protection

    Mozilla's latest browser offers powerful new privacy feature

  • New Password Looter Tool Steals Passwords from a Password Manager

    If attackers are on your system, saving your passwords in a password vault is no protection.

  • Conditional Formatting in LibreOffice Spreadsheets

    Integrate graphical information beside the data it represents with conditional formatting and sparklines.


  • Camouflage and Skullduggery

    ARP spoofing can be used to initiate denial-of-service attacks, network hijacking, and man-in-the-middle attacks on the Intranet. We look at how to prevent these incursions.

  • Watchdog

    "maddog" remembers meeting Ralph Nader and explaining the concept of open source software.

  • Whiz Kid

    H2O is a web server that has been in development for some time but seems to be a baby compared with the long-serving Apache. Columnist Charly sets out to discover what the "new kid" is capable of.

  • Penguins in Dublin

    This year's LinuxCon Europe brought Linux users and developers to Dublin, Ireland, for keynotes, technical talks, and lots of memorable community moments.

  • Ask Klaus

    Klaus takes a look at how Linux handles access to hardware.

  • New Web

    HTTP/1.1 was advanced for its time, but it wasn't designed for today's complex websites. We'll show you why the new HTTP/2 specification provides a solution.

  • On the DVD

    Sabayon 15.09 and Mageia 5 KDE4