• Emergency Medicine

    The SystemRescueCd live system contains numerous tools that you can use to recover deleted files or a defective system.

  • Way to Go

    We show you how to create a Go web app that controls Raspberry Pi I/O.

  • On Time

    The chrony implementation of the network time protocol provides an alternative to the familiar NTP daemon.

  • Stopwatch

    If you need to accurately measure time spent on individual projects and tasks, you need something more sophisticated than yellow sticky notes. Fanurio helps you keep an eye on your time, your projects, and more.

News and Articles

  • Debian Buster Arrives

    The latest release of Debian comes with tightened security.

  • IBM Acquires Red Hat

    Red Hat becomes an independent entity within IBM.

  • Write a Novel with Open Source Tools

    If you are looking for an open source tool to help you write your next novel, bibisco, ManusKript, and Plume Creator can help you get started.

  • Fail2ban

    Fail2ban is a quick to deploy, easy to set up, and free to use intrusion prevention service that protects your systems from brute force and dictionary attacks.

  • Charly's Column – Mi Flora

    Columnist Charly Kühnast recently attached Mi Flora humidity sensors to his potted plants. At first, they only transmitted junk on Bluetooth, but armed with the right tools and a Rasp Pi, Charly now reaps a rich harvest of data.

  • Tutorials – Shell Scripts

    Letting your scripts ask complex questions and give user feedback makes them more effective.

  • Zack's Kernel News

    Zack Brown reports on cleaning up dependencies on older GCC versions, protecting RAM from hostile eyes, and verifying return addresses.

  • Class Reunion

    Intranets with multiple servers and services require careful configuration. With Karoshi Linux, even complex structures can be set up in no time at all.

  • On the DVD

    openSUSE Leap 15.1 and SystemRescueCd

  • Pass the Hat

    A touch display, a case, and a custom add-on board transform the humble Rasp Pi into a high-performance function generator that rivals expensive commercial offerings.