• Doghouse – Chip Replacement

    Chip replacement isn’t always the answer.

  • Breakthrough

    What’s new in Firefox 57 Quantum – and why does it matter so much?

  • Look No Hands

    Serverless computing takes cloud abstraction to a whole new level. Find out why more developers are turning to this exciting new programming paradigm.

  • Enhanced

    LFTP is an alternative to the FTP command set, which supports many protocols and offers countless parameters.

News and Articles

  • OpenStack Queens Released

    The new release comes with new features for mission critical workloads.

  • Kali Linux Comes to Windows

    The Kali Linux developers even managed to run full blown XFCE desktop via WSL.

  • Community Matters

    Dell’s expansive {code} project is a cornerstone of the company’s open source strategy. Dell Technologies VP Josh Bernstein talks about {code} and the value of open source.

  • Linux Voice Introduction

    This month in Linux Voice

  • Kernel Keeper

    Security vulnerabilities in the kernel often remain undetected. The kernel hacker initiative, Kernel Self-Protection, promotes safe programming techniques to keep attackers off the network, and, if they do slip through the net, mitigate the consequences.

  • DIY Ebook Publishing

    LibreOffice, Calibre, and Sigil help would-be authors with do-it-yourself ebook publishing.

  • On the DVD

    Ubuntu 17.10 “Budgie” and TrueOS Desktop 17.12

  • Faster and Higher

    Will the Firefox 57 “Quantum” release help Mozilla regain its former glory? We compare the latest Firefox with the Chrome, Opera, and Vivaldi browsers.

  • Tutorials – Video Editing

    Most video editors supply you with a generic catalog of transitions, usually in the shape of tired wipes and fades. But what if you wanted something a little more special? FFmpeg to the rescue.

  • Radical

    Need remote access to a PC? NoMachine offers this and much more.