• Full Speed Ahead

    Crank the compilers and turn up the system clock; maddog explains the basic differences between RISC and CISC architectures.

  • Open All Year

    Office suites, email clients, and video chats often run as a "software as a service" on the network. Open365 is pitting web-based LibreOffice together with Kontact and Jitsi against the top dogs Google Drive and Office 365.

  • Sharing Alike

    With the advent of free software for non-programmers, users ran into a licensing dilemma in a world of proprietary fonts.

  • Package Deal

    We look at four contenders that want to become the Linux universal package manager, although the reality is still on the horizon.

News and Articles

  • Linus Announces Linux 4.8

    Latest kernel even supports Microsoft Surface 3 devices

  • Google Announces Its Own Pixel Phones

    Google finally enters the phone hardware business.

  • One Wild Ride

    Linux distributions proliferate like butterflies. Linux Magazine went hunting for some strange and particularly surprising specimens.

  • True Tails

    In which our hero relates a "True Tail" where lack of testing almost created a divorce.

  • Key Service

    PGP/GnuPG is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to digital crime and government surveillance. We take a look behind the scenes and show how you can keep your keyring current and valid.

  • Undercover Information

    If you have been programming for decades, you've likely gathered a personal bag of tricks and best practices over the years – much like this treasure trove from the Perlmeister.

  • Colonel of the Kernel

    The 25th birthday of Linux is an important milestone for everyone in the Linux community. Who better to help us ring in the occasion than the man who started it all: Linux creator Linus Torvalds. 

  • On the DVD

    The complete Linux Magazine archive DVD!

  • Text Mode

    With the pointers and useful tips in this article, you can turn Emacs into a powerful writing environment.

  • NEWS

    Updates on technologies, trends, and tools.