• Building Bridges

    KDE Connect bridges the gap between mobile devices and the KDE desktop, allowing the exchange of notifications, files, and URLs between devices.

  • Package Repair

    When human error stumps the Debian package manager, familiar tools like apt-get, aptitude, and dpkg can help restore functionality.

  • Why 2017 Will Be Awesome

    2016 was a wild ride – and 2017 promises to deliver even more FOSS goodness.

  • Habeas Video

    Free Software misses an opportunity.

News and Articles

  • Tutorials – TkInter

    Expand your Python knowledge and write GUI apps with a smattering of code, thanks to the TkInter toolkit.

  • Welcome Startup Support

    Systemd has won the race, as indicated by the several tools that already offer a service just a mouse click away. We look at six of these tools.

  • Core Values

    How does the Core Infrastructure Initiative fare three years in?

  • The Write Tool

    WordGrinder offers distraction-free writing; we look at how realistic that concept is in everyday use.

  • On the DVD

    Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon (32-bit Live) and CentOS 7 Release 1611 (64-bit Install)

  • All Boxed Up

    A recent flurry of activity in the container space raises several interesting questions about security among a number of operational aspects in the enterprise environment.

  • More than a Word

    Asking Alexa only for built-in functions like the weather report gets old quickly, and add-on skills from the skills store only go so far. With a few lines of code, Mike teaches this digital pet some new tricks.

  • Linux Voice

    This month in Linux Voice.

  • Signs of Life

    If you struggle with the appearance and behavior of the Gnome desktop, the classic features of fallback mode offer an alternative in a familiar style. Lamented by many as dead and gone, Gnome 3 fallback is still alive and kicking in Gnome Flashback.

  • FAQ

    Welcome our new artificial intelligence overlords by tinkering with their gray matter.