DM-Crypt/ LUKS Workshop: Encrypting hard disks with DM-Crypt and LUKS

Nov 01, 2006

Encrypting a home directory is easy. Encrypting your whole hard disk – including the root filesystem – takes a little more effort.

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BOINC Building distributed applications with BOINC

Oct 01, 2006

Grid computing lets little PCs work on big problems. You can use the grid system of the famous SETI@home project to build your own grid computing solutions.

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Ask Klaus!

Jul 01, 2006
Two months ago, a reader wrote, “I have been told that a Linux system can “fill up” when it runs out of inode numbe......
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File systems Finding the right file system

Apr 01, 2006

Many users just opt for the defaults and don’t think about the file system when they install Linux. But if better performance is your goal, it pays to do some shopping.

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hdparm and DMA Speeding up hard disks with DMA

Apr 01, 2006

A simple command helps you switch on the afterburner for your hard disks and drives. hdparm improves the performance of your storage devices.

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Linux Tuning Intro Techniques for better performance

Apr 01, 2006

Are your multimedia applications receiving the resources they need? Are you using the optimum filesystem for your environment? You don't have to be an expert to find better performance in Linux – you just need to know where to look.

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Deleting Data Safely deleting data

Mar 01, 2006

Backups are a common topic, but you’ll hardly hear anyone mention safe data deletion.

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Admin Workshop: Logrotate Insider Tips: Logrotate

Jan 01, 2006

Every multi-purpose Linux system produces an enormous amount of log data. To prevent your hard disk from overflowing, a rotating helper application archives logs and gets rid of obsolete data.

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