Udev Dynamic device management in Udev

Oct 01, 2006

After three years of hanging around on the sidelines, Udev has finally ousted the legacy Dev-FS system. We take a look under the hood at the Udev device management system inside your Linux system.

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KTools: Klik Software distribution with Klik

Mar 01, 2006

Klik brings convenient two-click installation to the KDE desktop.

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Admin Workshop: Documentation Insider Tips: Documentation in Unix and Linux

Aug 01, 2005

System admins routinely refer to documentation for help with obscure command line options. In this month’s Admin Workshop, we examine the programs and formats behind the command line documentation you read everyday.

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Admin Workshop: User Management Managing Linux User Accounts

Jul 01, 2005

The steps for setting up new accounts in Linux are automated and often use GUI-based tools. Under the hood, a number of mechanisms give the new user an environment to match his or her needs. In this month’s Admin Workshop we discuss techniques for setting up accounts.

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Admin Workshop: inetd & xinetd Insider Tips: Server Management with inetd and xinetd

Mar 01, 2005

If you have many daemons running on your server, it can be quite difficult to keep track of them all. inetd and xinetd manage these services centrally and also take care of exchanges with your clients, allowing programs without network code to operate as Internet servers.

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