GroundWork Examining the GroundWork open source monitoring tool

Jul 07, 2008

GroundWork is a user-friendly front-end for the Nagios monitoring tool.

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Jul 03, 2008

Klaus Knopper is the creator of Knoppix and co-founder of the LinuxTag expo. He currently works as a teacher, programmer, and consultant. If you have a configuration problem, or if you just want to learn more about how Linux works, send your questions to: klaus@linux-magazine. com

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System Status Tools Tools for checking system status

Jul 01, 2008

A system monitor lets you query the system’s current health state. If you are unhappy with the spartan Top tool, try one of these easy alternatives.

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Mrxvt Tabbed terminal emulation with Mrxvt

Jul 01, 2008

Tired of too many terminal windows? Mrxvt is a tab-based terminal tool that lets you manage several sessions in a single window.

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LM Sensors 3.0.0 Reworked

Nov 26, 2007

Version 3.0.0 of LM Sensors, a software package for hardware monitoring has just been released.

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Monitorix 1.0.0 Monitors Hardware and Software

Sep 06, 2007

Version 1.0.0 of the Monitorix monitoring program has just been released. It now shows fan speeds, and CPU, motherboard and hard disk temperatures among other system data.

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Nov 30, 2006
Nagios is a powerful and flexible monitoring tool. I have been using Nagios professionally for about two years, and......
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Charly's Column The Sysadmin’s Daily Grind: Dnsgraph

Jul 31, 2006

A partly overloaded DNS server can slow down all the workstations on the network. Dnsgraph is an early warning system that gives administrators a graph of critical values. Your Dnsgraph charts will help you keep your systems serving names.

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