Dell challenges Psion's claim to Netbooks

Feb 25, 2009

Since the end of 2008, Psion has actively defended its copyright of the term netbook, with some success. Now Dell has issued court papers disputing the claim.

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Strike Against Free Software: Microsoft Enters Catalonian Schools

Feb 20, 2009

Steve Ballmer's deal with the Catalonian government is seen as a leverage against their existing Open Source strategy.

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Certified Ubuntu on HP Server

Feb 19, 2009

HP and Canonical are working together to get Ubuntu certified for HPs Proliant servers.

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G2: This Time on Vodafone

Feb 18, 2009

A presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona revealed that HTC and Vodafone are releasing a G2 phone (a.k.a. HTC Magic) as the successor to HTC and T-Mobile's G1 Android phone. Vodafone claims "exclusive deal" for G2. Where goeth the G3?

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Red Hat Enters Virtualization Support Agreement with Microsoft

Feb 17, 2009

U.S. Linux vendor Red Hat has entered a cooperation agreement with Microsoft in technical support of server virtualization.

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Legal Video Downloads: YouTube goes Offline

Feb 17, 2009

Until now, watching YouTube videos offline has been an awkward business, possible only with Firefox plugins or similar contraptions. Now, with the help of Creative Commons licenses, this could soon change.

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Sidekick Mobile Phone with NetBSD: Microsoft's Next?

Feb 04, 2009

Over a year ago Microsoft bought the software company Danger, popular in the U.S. for its Sidekick mobile phone. A new model is coming out, this time running on NetBSD.

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Doghouse: Creating a Business The art of selling free software

Jan 31, 2009

The open source community doesn't have a fleet of attorneys and PR consultants. When it is time to make the case for free software, you might just have to be the advocate.

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