First Patches: Google Releases Android

Oct 22, 2008

From today the source code for Google's Android is available for download, eradicating doubts surrounding the launch of the T-Mobile G1, that Google might keep the code under wraps.

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Debian Lenny with Blu-Ray Images and Live CD

Oct 21, 2008

The upcoming version 5.0 of Debian GNU/Linux, codenamed Lenny, provides for the first time not only image downloads for CD and DVD, but also for Blu-ray disks, along with live images.

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Fennec Fox Comes out of Hiding

Oct 20, 2008

As a small creature living in the Sahara, the fennec fox (vulpus zerda) has to be satisfied with very little. This is equally true of Mozilla's own Fennec that is to feel at home with the scant resources of hardware on mobile devices.

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Blackout Delays OpenSuse Beta

Oct 17, 2008

A power outage that hit some vital servers at Novell a few days ago has also caused the release of the third Beta version of OpenSuse 11.1 to be postponed.

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Linux Standard Base 4.0 Is Feature Rich

Oct 15, 2008

Linux Foundation has released its first beta of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) version 4.0. The providers have already promised developers an easier work environment through the SDK, shell script and application checker. The successes are logged in the FOSSBazaar workgroup.

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Debian 5.0 "Lenny" in June 2009?

Oct 09, 2008

The Debian 5.0 release missed its intended deadline of September and the project has been silent as yet about any news of an update. The latest guess from developers' circles is that "Lenny" will not be ready until June of 2009.

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Ubuntu Has New Sample Content Art

Oct 07, 2008

For quite a while Ubuntu had been including example-content packages with its releases that contained the same content: some audio and video data to test the playback, including a video of Nelson Mandela.

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What Can You Do for Lenny?

Oct 07, 2008

Release of the new Debian 5.0, codenamed “Lenny”, has been postponed. Scheduled for September, Lenny still suffers from too many release critical problems (RC bugs), and until these bugs are fixed, there will be no “Lenny”.

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