Voice over IP Intro Linux Tools for Voice over IP

Jan 31, 2006

This month we’ll show you some popular Linux tools for Internet telephony

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VoIP with Skype A walk with the Skype VoIP client

Jan 31, 2006

The free but proprietary Skype is a popular calling option.

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Hotplugging Hotplugging with Udev, HAL, and D-Bus

Mar 31, 2005

Hardware which just works is what every user wants. Current Linux distributions go a long way to fulfilling that dream. In this article, we will be investigating how the hotplug system works.

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Memory Stick Linux Booting Linux from a USB Memory Stick

Jan 31, 2005

Everyone knows you can boot Linux from a live CD,but have you thought about putting Linux on a compact and highly portable USB memory stick?

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