Admin Workshop: Resolvers Insider Tips: Resolving Names in DNS

Sep 30, 2005

The resolver is the window from your computer to the global DNS system. Simply typing a URL awakens a link to computers all over the world.

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Charly's Column The Sysadmin’s Daily Grind: Portfwd

Aug 31, 2005

Incoming TCP connections do not always end up where they are supposed to. A freely configurable redirector points digital debris in the direction of a new and better place.

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Socks 5 Examining the generic Socks version 5 proxy protocol

Jun 30, 2005

Socks is a universal proxy protocol for TCP and UDP that allows internal hosts to securely pass the firewall and authenticates users. This article describes the latest version of the Socks proxy protocol and shows how to implement it.

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