W3Perl 3.00 Sends Web Statistics by Mail

Aug 29, 2007

Version 3.00 of the free logfile analyzer W3Perl has just been released, and includes a number of enhancements. Among other features, the program now supports weekly and monthly statistics with the same granularity as daily reports, and can email the results if needed.

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Perl: Network Backup Protecting data with a Perl-based rescue CD

Nov 30, 2006

Armed with just a rescue CD and a Perl script, you can back up a client’s hard disk across the wire.

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Perl: Web Regression Test Automatic regression tests with Selenium

Oct 31, 2006

Testing complex web applications does not necessarily mean investing in expensive, proprietary tools such as Test Director or Silk Performer. Selenium is for free; it can remotely control any major browser, and it is programmable in Perl.

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Perl: Link Spam A Perl script protects forums against spam

Sep 30, 2006

Spammers don’t just send email. They exploit discussion forums and blogs, posting pseudo-messages full of links to dupe search engines. A Perl script cleans up the mess.

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Perl: Internet Video Organizer Internet video organizer in Perl

Aug 31, 2006

Video files are ready for download, but your storage space is limited, and, if you're like most people, you may have a hard time letting go of past favorites. You need a higher authority to decide when it’s time to trim down your collection.

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Perl: Plotting GPS Data Putting GPS data on maps

Jul 31, 2006

Perl hackers take to the hills with a navigation system that provides a graphical rendering of a hiking tour.

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Perl: Controlling a Webcam Video monitoring with Perl and a webcam

Jun 30, 2006

Webcams are useful for monitoring. Using CPAN modules and custom-made C code, Perl scripts can automatically adjust the exposure and fish the most interesting images out of a video camera’s data stream.

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Perl: Nagios Plugins Building your own Nagios plugins

May 31, 2006

You can build a plugin in Perl to harness the power of the Nagios monitoring tool.

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