Security Lessons Denial of service made easy

Jul 15, 2009

A slow death for the default configuration.

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Off and Running: Symbian Security Package Becomes Open Source

Jul 11, 2009

The Symbian Foundation, established under a Nokia initiative, has released the first part of its Symbian Platform Security package under the free Eclipse Public License (EPL).

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Security Lessons Covert communications on Linux

Jun 30, 2009

Moving data to and from Linux systems under the radar.

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Jun 30, 2009
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Security Lessons Automated detection and response to attacks

May 31, 2009

Learn how to monitor and block attacks without lifting a finger.

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Forensics in Freiburg Hacker trainer for law enforcement agents

Apr 30, 2009

A former intrusion specialist is training a gathering of European law enforcement agents in how the bad guys work on the Internet. Contributing editor Markus Feilner stops in for a lesson in attack techniques.

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Heightened Security: OpenSSL 1.0.0 Beta 1

Apr 02, 2009

OpenSSL is approaching version 1.0: the first beta provides a few enhancements and the project is calling for tests.

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Security Lessons Why you can't just disable JavaScript

Mar 31, 2009

As ugly and hard to secure as JavaScript is, it could be worse – we could be using ActiveX.

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