KWiFiManager Wireless Networking with KWiFiManager

Mar 01, 2005

Connecting to wireless networks is

more popular than ever. KDE’s KWiFi-

Manager is a handy tool for monitoring

and managing wireless connections.

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Hypermail Archiving Email Messages with Hypermail

Mar 01, 2005

Hypermail converts email messages to HTML and allows you to group your messages in tidy archives.

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Secure Email Intro Mail Tools for a Hostile Planet

Mar 01, 2005

Don’t look now, but your mailbox is full of junk, and a snooper is live on a distant server, reading your opinions of your boss. Remember when email used to be easy? To restore some sanity to your correspondence, you’ll need the right tools.

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Perl: Collecting News Headlines A Perl script for Automatically Collecting News Headlines

Feb 01, 2005

Instead of visiting news sites periodically to pick up the latest reports, most people prefer to let a news aggregator do the job.The aggregator automatically draws your attention to incoming news. If a website does not have an RSS feed,a new Perl module simplifies the task of programming an RSS feed for private use.

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Rails Framework Web applications with Ruby and Rails

Jan 01, 2005

Most web libraries make 90 percent of the job simple and the rest impossible. Rails,an open source framework programmed in Ruby,is flexible enough to succeed with that remaining 10 percent.

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