MP3 and MPEG-4 with the Darwin Streaming Server


Article from Issue 53/2005

Apple’s Darwin Streaming Server is a free version of the commercial Quicktime server. It can handle the seminal MP3 and MPEG-4 formats, and it has a web front-end.

Video streaming is still a fairly uncommon application on Linux. Free servers often have the disadvantage of supporting only their own obscure formats, whereas commercial products are often prohibitively expensive. The Real server, for instance, works really well, but it costs a few thousand dollars. And the Basic server is free, but it supports a maximum of only five clients and is timebombed to quit after a year’s service [1]. Free Server for MP3 and MPEG 4 On a more positive note, Apple has released major components of its Quicktime server under an open source license, the Apple Public Source License [2]. The Darwin Streaming Server (DSS) can handle the popular MP3 audio format, Quicktime, and MPEG-4 video. Before you can download the server software, you first need to register on the Apple website [3].

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