Quick searches and party fun with the Yammi music database


Article from Issue 61/2005

The compact Yammi [1] music database for KDE (Version 3.2 or newer) is a useful replacement for a jukebox.

The Yammi music database manages even the largest of song collections and provides a flexible architecture that allows users to harness the power of various media players. The Yammi homepage only has the source code for the current version, yammi-1.2.2.tar.gz. You also need the TagLib [2] library and the developer packages for the Xmms [3], Noatun [4], and Gstreamer [5] players.

After installing the libraries and the media players, unpack the Yammi source code archive by entering tar -xzvf yammi-1.2.2.tar.gz, change to the new source code directory (cd yammi-1.2.2), and give the ./configure command to create the makefiles. Then enter make to start compiling the source code. When this process completes, enter su -c "make install" and type the root password to install the program to an appropriate position in the filesystem tree. You can now launch Yammi by entering the program name in a terminal window.

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