Double-sided DVD!

KNOPPIX 6.3 EXCLUSIVE! & Mandriva 2010

This month’s DVD comes with an exclusive version of Knoppix and Mandriva 2010.

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  • Mandriva

    Thanks for your comments.

    We promote the upcoming issue 2-3 weeks before it arrives in North America just so everyone will know it is coming and can watch for it at newsstands.

    Regarding the DVD description, we had a chance for an exclusive article from Klaus Knopper, so we used that for our DVD description. We are very enthusiastic about Mandriva and have included Mandriva DVDs (with descriptions) in many past issues. We're sorry about the confusion. We agree that we should have provided some additional information on Mandriva.
  • Mandriva 2010 disk

    While I just received the April 2010 issue of LinuxPro, the website is already focused on the May issue. Is distribution THAT slow?
    I was grateful to recive Knoppix 6.3 and Mandriva 2010. The article on Knoppix was helpful and the release is excellent, but there was nothing given to Mandriva in the magazine, nor on the website. Why was there this omission? Is there some prejudice among your editors against Mandriva?
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Read full article as PDF:

Linux_Magazine_DVD_Inlay.pdf (670.29 kB)