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10th Anniversary Issue

The complete history of Linux Magazine on DVD!

For 10 years, Linux Magazine has specialized in smart insightful articles on open source tools and real-world Linux. We‘ve charted the history of Linux from an obscure hacker‘s system to a mainstream OS that is friendly enough for beginners and stable enough for the corporate desktop. To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, we have bundled all our past issues on this single, searchable DVD.

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  • Bad links in the 10-year Archive DVD

    I have the same complaint for issue #120, except seeing as how I just put it into my computer now, I can tell you that there are NO ARTICLES for the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. 2005 is where the archive actually exists on the disc.

    How do I get the articles I am missing on my DVD?
  • Virus detected in the DVD, and many links are wrong


    I am running AVG anti-virus on my computer, and it detected the following \Magazine\Archive\2010\112\026-029_pdfhack\article.html as being infected with a virus JS/Downloader.Small.G

    Besides this many links in the DVD are plain wrong. To name but a few, the links in index.html in the root of the DVD for issues 1 to 9 are wrong....

    The "index.html" found under the Magazine\Archive\ directory has all links to issues 1 to 9 wrongly linked...
    <a href="../../issue/1/index.html"> should instead be <a href="../../issue/01/index.html"> etc

    Please also check the links under "2000 index with cover pics", "2001 index with cover pics" etc... the links to the individual issues are also erroneous...

    In fact many of the links for earlier years/issues are just plain wrong

    Am really disappointed that basic checks was not done before this DVD was created
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Read full article as PDF:

LMI-DVD-Inlay_120.pdf (647.15 kB)