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© Lead Image © Nataliia Natykach,

© Lead Image © Nataliia Natykach,

Article from Issue 166/2014

Almost all manufacturers of GPS devices use proprietary formats to save routes, tracks, and waypoints. Vendors unfortunately rarely offer Linux software for uploading and downloading or processing the data. Four GPS editors keep Linux users on the right track.

Most smartphones have a GPS receiver, and handheld GPS devices, sports watches, and bike computers are available today at budget prices. These practical devices can simplify navigation, find geocaches, and record tours with your speed, distance covered, elevation, calories burned, and much more. With a chest strap, training computers can also measure your pulse.

If you want to analyze the data later on your PC or show it to family and friends, you first need to transfer the logs to your computer. A software tool helps you evaluate and rework the raw data.

Many outdoor enthusiasts like to plan their hiking, cycling, and running routes in advance. On the web are many portals where users can compose tours online and then download the results. The community also exchanges data and more on sites like GPSies [1], [2], BikeNet [3], Outdoor Active [4], ShareMyRoutes [5], and EveryTrail [6]. A breakdown of features offered by various GPS editors is shown in Table 1.


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