Wrapped with a Bow on Top

Build Debian packages and offer them in PPAs

Oct 23, 2015

Is the current package for your favorite Ubuntu program woefully behind the times? No problem: Just a few steps creates an updated Debian package that you can then share with others in a PPA.

Pi-Top: The Missing Manual

Pop the Top

Dec 15, 2015

Follow along as we assemble, customize, and accessorize a Pi-Top kit – the do-it-yourself laptop for the Raspberry Pi.

Master Key

Keep access data secure with Cryptonify

Oct 23, 2015

Keep track of your login information for web services with Cryptonify.

In Step

Synchronizing data between computers and mobile devices using Syncthing

Sep 24, 2015

Syncthing is a free alternative to BitTorrent Sync for synchronizing data on computers and mobile devices.

Performance at a Glance

Performance analysis with iostat, sar, Ksar, collectd, and serverstats

Sep 24, 2015

We describe five tools you can use to monitor and troubleshoot your system's performance.

Sound City

Exploring the Audacity 2.1 audio editor

Sep 03, 2015

The Audacity free audio editor is evolving from a hobby app into a professional sound tool.

Digital Incubator

A look at the Apache Software Foundation

Sep 03, 2015

Apache incubates hundreds of major software projects and brings together thousands of developers – all without ensuing chaos. How do they manage it?

Conditional Formatting in LibreOffice Spreadsheets

Conditional Formatting

Nov 03, 2015

Integrate graphical information beside the data it represents with conditional formatting and sparklines.


Orderly Situation

Simple backup with Back In Time

Sep 03, 2015

Despite the importance of backups, many users still view the process as too complicated and too inconvenient. Back In Time makes the unloved backup less terrifying.

Pit Stop

Mozilla's systems programming language Rust

Sep 03, 2015

We look at a few features of Rust, Mozilla's systems programming language, and its similarity to other languages.

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