Adobe to Sponsor SQLite

Feb 27, 2008

Adobe has joined the SQLite Consortium which promotes the development of the embedded database.

The news was revealed by Adobe's head of Open Source, Dave McAllister in his blog. The move see Adobe join Mozilla and Symbian, who are already members of the consortium.

The members of the SQLite Consortium provide funding to support development of the software. In return, the sponsors receive enterprise support and preferred treatment in case of bugfixes and wishes. The developers try to devote at least 23 man days per year to each sponsor. At the same time, the organization helps to keep the database, which is public domain for the most part, available.

SQLite does not use a database server, but stores records in a file. Adobe uses the embedded database in Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). The runtime environment makes it possible to program applications with Web technologies and run them like desktop applications on computers.

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